push/pull – EVALUATION

Considering the last thing that I animated for a project in Maya was a blob using blend shapes, I am quite pleased with how my final animation turned out. Once I got my head around all the controls, sorting rig/model issues and after a bit of practice, I found Mery quite easy to use (but still provided a challenge)

There were some parts that I had to cut out due to the deadline- I would have liked to make Mery pick up the carrot and look at it in defeat (to give a better sense of the disappointment of getting a small carrot after all that effort!) so I may revisit her in the future to experiment with some different movements.
I also would have liked to has spent more time in post production as I feel it was a little rushed as I spent the first week of this project practicing using Mery, but it all worked out in the end.

This project was the first time that I planned out my animation using key poses and then blocking (previously I just animated as I went along) and I found this so much easier! Also putting animation on “stepped” was helpful so it only showed the keyed poses and then allowed my to worry about tidying up the messy animation later.

I found that I really enjoyed doing the facial animations for Mery as it brought so much more life to the piece and I feel like I might want to delve into that further in future projects.

Overall I am proud of this animation as it shows how I’ve improved over my first year of studying animation at university. From making a ball bounce to creating an animation with a character who has facial controls and everything! I honestly had some doubts at the beginning but I stuck around and you’re not getting rid of me 😀 1pull




“Station Ident” EVALUATION

Seeing as I switched ideas many times in the concept process I am quite pleased with the overall outcome of my “Springwatch” ident. I had to re-evaluate my ideas to fit it as close to the 10 second time frame as possible. This was my final story board- storyboard

I had to learn a lot in Adobe After Effects and Premier to get the desired look for my animation. The background and foregrounds were drawn first and put together in After Effects with the “winter to spring” transition. The animals were animated in TVPaint and then blue screened in Premier to then compose the running sequence in After Effects (probably could have been done in a much quicker way but I’m new to this)

I enjoyed learning how to use new software although it could be slightly confusing at times and I would like to come back to use these programs as they make creating looping run cycles extremely easy.

Overall I am pleased with the aesthetic of this piece as I have never animated in a line less style before and I think it managed to make this animation look quite different to my previous work.