yep, that’s another done.
(These shots are going to last for less than a second but yet I still worry about all the details)


characters with dialogue – concepts

so we’ve dealt with showing emotion without dislodge so now I have to tackle lip-sync- I’m actually looking forward to it.

These are some concept sketches for my characters, my story is about a techy guy who’s homemade A.I goes wrong.
I’m planning on combining both 2D and 3D for this short cause gotta love those hand drawn backgrounds and I have a new found love for sculpting in 3D. Also the colour palette is going to be very blue (wow can you guess what my favorite colour might be??)

charactersexpressionsI got some col-erase pencils for Christmas so I can now have those pro animator looking concept sketches

roomblue2and this is my idea for the setting for my animation. I think the main source light being only the PC monitor will create an interesting atmosphere and aesthetic feel.