rough walk cycle test

Back at it again with the animation

I did a quick walk cycle for the first shot on my animation which take place outside of the cafe (which I’m planning on redrawing on A4 paper, then scanning because ya need those high res pngs)



“Station Ident” EVALUATION

Seeing as I switched ideas many times in the concept process I am quite pleased with the overall outcome of my “Springwatch” ident. I had to re-evaluate my ideas to fit it as close to the 10 second time frame as possible. This was my final story board- storyboard

I had to learn a lot in Adobe After Effects and Premier to get the desired look for my animation. The background and foregrounds were drawn first and put together in After Effects with the “winter to spring” transition. The animals were animated in TVPaint and then blue screened in Premier to then compose the running sequence in After Effects (probably could have been done in a much quicker way but I’m new to this)

I enjoyed learning how to use new software although it could be slightly confusing at times and I would like to come back to use these programs as they make creating looping run cycles extremely easy.

Overall I am pleased with the aesthetic of this piece as I have never animated in a line less style before and I think it managed to make this animation look quite different to my previous work.