captain scarlet reboot – FINAL PRESENTATION


Slide 1: For my project, I have chosen to reboot the series “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons” as this was a series that I enjoyed greatly as a child and would love to see it make a comeback.


Slide 2: The original Captain Scarlet series ran from 1967 – 1968 with 1 series that consisted of 32 episodes. It was created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, who also created other well known shows like Thunderbirds, Stingray and Joe 90. The series was created using marionette puppets, scale models and special effects. Despite puppets being more associated with child audiences, “Captain Scarlet” was well received by a wide audience and had a much darker tone than it’s predecessors, showing actual onscreen violence and threat.
The main storyline is set in the year 2068, after humans discover and attack a Mysteron city on Mars, the Mysterons declare war on Earth. The Mysterons are an alien race that have the power to recreate an object or person that can be under their control. Captain Scarlet gains these powers by dying in a car crash caused by the Mysterons and is replaced with the reconstructed version. The “fake” Captain Scarlet falls to it’s death from a tall building and is presumed dead. However, he regains consciousness and is now free of Mysteron control and is now indestructible (hence the power to live from fatal accidents) and is now Spectrum’s front man in the fight against the threat of the Mysterons.


Slide 3: Captain Scarlet did get rebooted in 2005 under the title “Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet” which was a 3D animated series, allowing for action scenes that they were previously unable to achieve with puppets. Although mostly aimed at a younger audience, this reboot did retain some darker themes and violence that the original Captain Scarlet series had.
As a life long fan of the show I want to keep it as close to the original series as possible. I think seeing a 2D rendition would be interesting as a strong art style would help compliment the tone of the story. I have taken inspiration from the Justice League animated series for the bold body shapes that the characters have, as these create very distinguishable silhouettes for the characters. I was also inspired by the colouring and shading of Mike Mignola’s comics as these create a great sense of shadow and depth that help reflect his comic’s dark tone.


Slide 4: These are the first sketches that I did to test how I wanted Captain Scarlet to look in 2D. The coloured piece on the far right was my first idea, but I realised that it was a bit too detailed for 2D animation so a much simpler style would be needed.


Slide 5: This was my first refined character design sheet for Captain Scarlet, trying to figure how I would combine my chosen inspirations to bring the character in to a new format. I wanted to build up the character from simple shapes that could be easily animated and redrawn.
My idea would be to have a series that would contain between 20-30 episodes, telling of Captain Scarlet and Spectrum’s fight against the Mysterons (much like the original series) but have the final few episodes leading up to a final conclusion of the story. I would also want to delve a bit more into the other side characters of the series like Captain Blue and the Angels. The target audience would be people who watched and enjoyed the original series, but mainly teenagers who would enjoy a cartoon with a more edgy feel to it and may spark their interest in looking into the original series if they had never previously seen it.


Slide 6: For the character turn around sheet I didn’t include the shadows in order to be able to see Captain Scarlet’s full face and outfit for reference. His simple design allow for easy and quick drawing and animation.


Slide 7: Here I created my own versions on Ron Embleton’s paintings, that were used in the ending credits of the original Captain Scarlet series, to show this new version of Captain Scarlet in action.



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