“Can You Stay Still?” EVALUATION

So now that that’s all done I can reflect on my final outcome.

I am overall pleased with the simple aesthetic of my animation and character design, who got lots of compliments being described and “cute” and that people just wanted to hug him. I think this should appeal to children if it got that kind of reaction from adults.
The simple design was also due to only having 4 weeks for this project and if we had more time I would have liked to maybe have done some kind of background animation, just for the added appeal.

I also used more synchronized sound than my last projects which I enjoyed fitting to my animation as it really brought out some of the details and actions. Next time I definitely want to try lip syncing  or using some kind of narrator but I will experiment with that between projects.

Combining both 2D and 3D animation was interesting and got a good response from peers so I may try combining multiple animation styles in the future. I would have liked to experiment with rigging a bit more however I found that blend shapes were much better for achieving the desired movements for my little blob, also the simple shape was more suited to the target audience.

Overall I really enjoyed this project and kind of already miss working on my little blob guy (I think it was decided that he should be called Frank) and look forward carrying forward what I’ve learnt into the next project.


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