peer assessment

So here’s some feedback that I got about my “Can You Stay Still?” project and blog so far (people are too nice)

  1. Is it working?

Yeah it’s working! I love the mix of 2d and 3d and the movement of the character in 3d.

The animation is really good, I love how quirky the blob’s actions are. I don’t really understand what’s happening, but that’s alright since I understand you’ll draw over your 3D bit, and after that your story will be clearer.

  1. Any Advice?

Add more colour, or simple shapes in the background in 2d, just to make it stand out a bit more, if you wanna!

I’ll echo what was said above – some more colour would be nice but I already like how it looks at the moment. It’s very clear! (AND CUTE!! I love your characters little face…)

  1. What do you think about my blog posts relating to this project?

Perfect blog! I like the gifs and how it goes through the process of animating the blob.

Your blog posts clearly document how your project’s progressing. Nice one – keep it up!


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