objects & obstacles – 2D development

For my 2D animation I wanted to tell the story of a little mischievous, chubby cat who just can’t resist food. I took inspiration from Sainsburys 2015 Christmas advert, “Mog’s Christmas Calamity” for the sort of trouble that a cat could get into in a kitchen.

I began by sketching a few designs for how I wanted my cat character to look, making sure that the audience would understand instantly that this particular cat would go after any food without thinking twice (hence his chubby design, suggesting that he enjoys many cheeky snacks)

I then created a storyboard of my film and made a test animation version to get a good idea for the timing to use in the final animation.


I wanted to keep the art/animation style and colour pallet simple, so all the focus would be on the cat trying to achieve his goal but I feel the colours chosen all compliment each other to give “soft” feel to the animation and the use of a boarder to frame the animation also adds an extra little quirky feel to the overall piece



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