finally, CelAction


Well, here is my first piece of animation done in CelAction!
Setting up in CelAction is such a pain if you don’t know what you’re doing and it’s hard to find tutorials online for it, the animating part however is very simple and I’m surprised at how quickly I managed to figure it out.
Using a dope sheet for timing and setting keys was interesting to learn too as that’s how it was done in the early years of animation.

Hopefully now more work should come together and we will have something to show for our weeks of preparation for animating

Backgrounds: Me
Character: Ellen
Rigging: Lauren


open sesame


Another very quick bit of animation, the doors of the operating theatre will open to reveal the hospital staff and the mother around the operating table (which will be composited once it’s been assembled, hence the green screen)

5 backgrounds done…

loungetablebedroomoperating theatre dooroperating bed

We had a little team meeting about our art direction for the backgrounds and decided that a more vector illustration based style would better match the client’s chosen aesthetic.
Lucky for me these are a bit quicker to produce so this is what I have produced in the past few days. I may go back and add more more objects into the bedroom and lounge backgrounds to make them look more “lived in” if I have time, but it’s more important to get the others finished

be prepared to see lots of backgrounds on here…

tableoperating theatre

Our client loved our designs at the pitch presentation last week so we can get into making all the backgrounds, characters and interactive objects.

At this point my main job is background an asset creation which is a lot of fun and I really enjoy it so that’s all that will be posted here for a while. Test animations in CelAction should be happening soon though!

typing and glitching


I loved making this glitchy effect on this cause it’s so different to the rest of my animation and it was fun doing something messy for once! It was kinda therapeutic because I didn’t have to think about it that much.

I have all my 2D scenes animated and my hand is rigged (which will be posted later) so all that’s left to do is- animate the hand, putting that on top of the 2D, adding sound, recording more sound, editing, credits, some kind of camcorder overlay, more glitch transitions and an essay- PHEW!