a.i. face


A little look at the second character in my animation- the A.I.
If the second gif looks a bit glitchy that’s good, because that’s how it’s meant to look! I may try to make it a little bit more messed up but so far I think it looks alright.


first attempts at lip sync


The colouring in the second gif looks a little off- blame TVPaint gif quality and the fact that I haven’t finished it yet but I’m on to the lighting in this shot, so that will but up by tomorrow. (Also his legs aren’t behind the table- that will also be fixed too)

I’ve made a list of all that I need to do in the next 3 weeks and it’s a lot but it’s achievable, I’ve just got to work work work


zoom + flicker


oh boy this scene took much longer than it needed to (and I may even add some dialogue that I’ve recorded at the end too) but I am quite satisfied with the end result, the snazzy lighting will really help tell the story too.


3D hand modeling

I decided that I want to have a 3D hand coming out of the computer in my animation, but you may ask “it’s only on screen for a few seconds at the end, why would you make one from scratch?”.
The answer to that is I’d feel I was cheating myself if I didn’t make my own and honestly getting stuff to look good in Maya is sooooooo satisfying.

So below are some progress pictures from the last two days. This probably took around 8-9 hours (yes I know that’s a while but I encountered a few issues) and still needs a few tweaks but I’m pretty proud of it.
I really love modeling when I actually get my act together and do it myself!

1(making the palm of the hand as a base to build from)

2(attaching the wrist- there was a lot of editing here to make the edges bridge well)

3(fingers and thumbs- the fingers are copied & pasted then resized and shaped, a great time saving technique)

4(attaching the thumb)

5(final hand in flat shading)

fin(final hand in smooth shading)




yep, that’s another done.
(These shots are going to last for less than a second but yet I still worry about all the details)


sitting down – part 2


excuse the TVPaint gif quality but that’s another shot done (I think)


sitting down


This is the results of the last two days and it’s going well so far.

These two gifs are mainly animated with a new drawing every two frames but if I’m feeling brave I might inbetween so it’s animated on ones???? crazy I know


error animatic

Error_ Animatic from CJames on Vimeo.





first scene yeeeeaaahhhhh

I had to learn some new techniques in TVPaint for this which is always good